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Crooked River BridgeJamestown Verrazzano BridgeCaguanas River Bridge

CTE was established in 1992 to provide engineering and design services to contractors and construction managers. Since then we have developed construction solutions for numerous bridge and other infrastructure projects in North America and the Pacific region. We continuously search for improved methods of construction and for effective, low-risk solutions to protect and benefit our clients. Over a period of three decades, our staff has earned a proven track record of developing innovative solutions to challenging problems. We draw on many years of field experience to back up our engineering and design work and to ensure that constructability is always considered.

Some notable projects we have contributed to:

  Bonner Bridge Replacement, Outer Banks, North Carolina
     • Precast segmental cantilevers
  Tuolumne (James E. Roberts) River Bridge, Lake Don Pedro, California
     • Steel bridge with concrete deck
  Fore River Bridge, Quincy, Massachusetts  
     • Lift bridge
  I-49 Segment K - Phase 2, Shreveport, Louisiana  
     • Precast segmental cantilevers
  Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement, Long Beach, California 
     • Cast-in-place span-by-span with moving shoring system (MSS)
  Dresbach Bridge (I-90) over the Mississippi River, Wisconsin and Minnesota 
     • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Broad Avenue Bridge Replacement over the Flint River, Georgia
     • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Ramp N over I-595, Broward County, Florida
     • Bridge raising, 963ft long, 2600 ton lift
  Antlers Bridge, California
     • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Chelsea Street Bridge, Boston, Massachusetts
     • Lift bridge
  Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, New Haven, Connecticut
     • Cast-in-place cantilevers with stay cables
  Foothills Parkway Bridge No.2, Tennessee
     • Precast segmental cantilevers
  Marlins Ballpark, Miami, Florida
     • Ballpark with retractable roof
  Mon-Fayette Expressway, Pennsylvania     
     • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Colorado River Bridge at Hoover Dam, Arizona & Nevada
      • Concrete arch bridge
  Allegheny River Bridge, Pennsylvania
      • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  La Plata River Bridge, Puerto Rico
      • Cable stayed bridge
  Upper West 3rd Street Bridge, Cleveland, Ohio
      • Lift bridge
  San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, California
      • Precast segmental
  Brightman Street Bridge, Massachusetts
      • Cofferdams
  Memorial Causeway Bridge, Florida
      • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Clarian Health Automated People Mover, Indianapolis
      • Precast span-by-span
  Crooked River Gorge Bridge, Oregon
      • Concrete arch bridge
  Northern 2nd Freeway, Taiwan (10 bridges)
      • Incremental launch method (4 structures )
      • Moving shoring system (2 structures)
      • Cast-in-place cantilevers (4 structures)
  Cape Girardeau Bridge over the Mississippi
      • Cable stayed bridge
  Jamestown-Verrazzano Bridge, Rhode Island
      • Precast span-by-span, 2400 ton lifts
      • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Houston Ship Channel Bridge, Baytown, Texas
      • Cable stayed bridge
  Caguanas River Bridge, Utuado, Puerto Rico
      • Incremental launch method
  Bennett Bay Bridge, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
      • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Valley City Eagle Bridges over the Illinois River
      • Precast span-by-span
      • Cast-in-place cantilevers
  Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa, Florida
      Cable stayed bridge